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how to view or setup a pentathlon

From version, DfW can be used for setting up a Pentathlon with up to 20 players. It is also possible to download a database from this site and view the points and results from every single British Pentathlon from 1976 to 2009. Click here to download the database in zip compressed format.

To setup a pentathlon, open the "Tournament" screen as shown in the screen shot below.


Click the "Pentathlon" tab in the "Tournament" screen as shown below.

penth tab

To setup a new pentathlon, click the "New" (1) button, set the title (2) and then click "Ok" (3) to save the newly created pentathlon.

penth new

The final task now is to add the players. A full pentathlon is normally 20 players, but it is possible to put in any number of players from 2-20.

add player

From version, the players can be added by random so you don't need to do a draw to place the players. In older versions, the "Add to draw" button who adds the players by random to the pentathlon, is not visible. To add the players manually you can drag and drop the player(s) into any position in the pentathlon or you can double click the player(s) to put the player(s) into the first available position in the pentatlon.

add player

Set the playertype (optional) before you start adding players.


The players has been added. To start adding points, click any column, enter the points and then press the ENTER key to save the points to the database.


Points added...


To edit the name/title or delete the pentathlon, RIGHT click the dropdown box.


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